Best Cigar Cutter Multi-Tool

Many people feel that nothing tastes better than a fine cigar. Especially if they are thick and full of flavor. The catch is that in order to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to be able to cut it properly. This is where a cigar cutter comes in handy. Due to the popularity of fine cigars, there are a lot of cutters available, but what if your cigar cutter could do more than just cut cigars? For this, you need the best cigar cutter multi tool available.

How to Cut a Cigar

There are several different ways that you can cut a cigar, but the first thing you need is a blade which will cut it without fraying the wrapping. This is why it is recommended you use a cutter instead of your teeth. You would not want frayed wrapping or pieces of tobacco in your mouth to ruin the taste of your cigar. From there, you can cut it into a V, put a pinhole into it, puncture the end, or completely cut off the end. Regardless of which way you prefer to open the end so you can get a full satisfying draw, you will want to be able to cut it quickly without hesitation. If you hesitate, you may damage the end and then you will be more likely to spit out paper wrapping and tobacco instead of savoring the flavor.

Why Cigar Cutters Exist

Most cigar cutters are designed the way they are for one specific reason; to bring out the flavor of the cigar. Most often they are rounded blades that come together, which is why some people call them cigar scissors. The thing is, no one wants to carry around a tool that is simply designed for cigar cutting. That is why the best cigar cutter is often the one that can do a little more. A cigar cutter multi-tool may have other tools on it, such as a screwdriver or a can opener so that you have the option to do more with your tool.

If you like the way it sounds to have a multi-tool that can not only cut a smooth tip into your cigar, you should check out the cigar cutters below. They are multi-tools that also offer custom cigar cutters.

The Best Cigar Cutters

Xikar Multi-Tool

cigar scissors xikarThis multi-tool is a 5-in-1 tool that weighs only 1 ounce. It includes five tools that make smoking a cigar easier. There are scissors, a bottle opener, a large screwdriver, a small screwdriver, and a cigar poker built into it. You can read more about the Xikar MTX Here⇒





Victorinox Swiss Army Delemont Collection

Perfect Cigar CutterThis 85mm cigar pocket tool comes with a variety of tools that include the cutters, a knife blade, a corkscrew, and a nail cleaner/file. Each of these tools has their own functions, but in total there are 15 uses with the tools that are included. It weighs 4 ounces and it is very comfortable in the hand. Read More On Delemont Collection Here⇒




Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife

Swiss Arm Cigar KnifeMost people do consider this to be the perfect cigar cutter in a multi-tool. It allows people to hold a compact and sturdy cutter and allows you to have easy access to 3 laser-sharpened circular punches. It also has a pair of scissors, a blade, and fingernail file. This means it is a great tool no matter what type of tip you want on your cigar. Read More Here⇒