Best Oscillating Multi Tool

The appeal of having multi tools that can handle a lot of different tasks, but still fit inside of a pocket. People like tools that serve different purposes so that they do not need a different tool for every job. It cuts down on clutter and makes things easier to find. That is one reason we also have other types of tools that provide a variety of options. It is also why many people are trying to find the best oscillating multi tool, to accomplish more tasks with less tool.

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Difference Between Oscillating and Traditional Multi Tools

A traditional multi tool, like the Leatherman, will give you a variety of hand tools. Often they include knives, saws, screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, and more. They are useful only if you are holding them and actively sawing, screwing, or cutting. The one thing they are unable to do is oscillate on their own. For example they are not good at sanding down wood and cannot grind or scrape very well. For those tasks, you may want to choose the oscillating type of multitool. It will give you the option to handle a variety of chores and tasks in a multifunction power tool set.

How Can Oscillating Multi Tools Help You Get the Job Done?

The oscillating multi tool is ideal for sanding or scraping off old paint on a project item that you hope to repurpose. They can allow you to cut through wood faster (and at odd angles) than a traditional multi tool because they have the power to back it up. They are designed for the handyman who has much larger tasks to take care of.

Choose The Best Power Multi Tool

In order for you to see more of the multi tool power tool options, we have included some of the most popular choices. These tools prove that you don’t need a special tool for every big job you have to tackle, because big power can come in a small package.


DeWalt Oscillating Power Multi ToolThis 24 volt multi tool uses a lithium ion battery. It has a brushless motor to give you 57% more run time and you will never need to use a wrench to change out the blades. All total, in this kit you will receive a total of 28 cutting and sanding attachments including the multi-tool, battery, and charger with a carrying case. More about the DEWALT DSC335501 here⇒


Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

Genesis Oscillating ToolThis is a dream tool for anyone who wants to repair, remodel, or restore. It provides super-fast sanding, grinding, scrapping and cutting with its ability to oscillate at 21000 oscillations per minute. It has a four-pin design to hold all tools securely in place and with each set you get an Allen wrench, HSS segment sawblade, an E-Cut sawblade, a scraping blade, sandpaper, and sanding pads. More about the Genesis GMT15A here⇒


Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max

Dremel Multi MaxThis oscillating tool kit provides 3.8-Amps of power. It has a quick-lock accessory pack that includes 36 accessories. This means it will quickly change from one tool to another. It holds a 4.8-star rating and it is considered one of the best sellers, because even if you are handing tough jobs, the motor’s speed will stay consistent. It is also easy to switch from one tool to the next since magnets are what holds it in place. More about the Dremel MM40-05 here⇒


Bosch GOP40-30C StarlockPlus

Bosch Multi Tool Which Oscillates The StarlockPlus is a very powerful tool that allows you to handle plunge cutting, flush cutting, sanding, grinding and much more. It has a 4.0-amp motor that uses reinforced metal gearing. The tools snap in and you can easily release the blades of it without risk of burning or cutting your fingers. More about the Bosch GOP40 here⇒