Best Survival Bracelet, Leatherman Tread

Most often multi tools are carried in a pocket or on a belt loop. There are some that fit easily into a wallet because they are no larger than a credit card. Now, there is an even better solution according to some who want a multi-tool that has a little bit of everything. It is what most current owners consider to be the best survival bracelet. It is the Leatherman Tread.

What Makes It The Best Survival Bracelet?

Leatherman Survival BraceletThe Leatherman Tread is rated best survival bracelet because it is packed with 29 tools that are all within easy access. This includes tools such as screwdrivers, hex drives, an oxygen tank wrench, box wrenches in a variety of sizes, a glass breaker, a SIM card pick tool, a cutting hook, a bottle opener, and much more. Each link in the bracelet is a tool that can be used.

It is a wearable multi tool that is unmatched by other multi tool sets. This is a fact that is proven by the people who have given it a high rating after using it for a while. It weighs only 1.1 pounds to ensure your comfort and each of the 10 links that make up the bracelet can be reassembled the way you want them to be. This means if you have a favorite tool, you can put it close to the clasp so that you can always find it easily.

This is one multi tool that you can take anywhere you want to, without causing trouble for yourself. It can be worn in the classroom, on airplanes, at the office, on family vacations to a resort, and still it can be useful when hiking through the mountains.Tread Survival Bracelet

Who Will Love This Screwdriver Bracelet?

Screwdriver BraceletThis travel multi tool is able to go anywhere with anyone. It is great for kids who may ride their bike to school or have instruments to work on at times, because it is adjustable. Just remove a link to make it smaller. Only the links and the tools that you want will have to be a part of your Tread bracelet. It can be used by handymen who want quick access to a tool without carrying their tool box and even women will enjoy having a lot of the tools that are on it.

Best Survival Bracelet by LeathermanThe only people who may not love it according to some, are those with hairy arms because there is a chance that the links will snag a person’s hair. Some people also say that it is hard to remove the links and get them to fit properly because of the size of the links. However, if you look at other reviews on the Tread, you will find that these two issues are not an issue for most men, women, or children. It all depends on the type of tools you need and which links you are most comfortable with removing. Ideally, you will choose only the links you feel you will never need to use. More On Leatherman Tread⇒