Best Tactical Tomahawk Vs Throwing Axe

Since the Native Americans roamed freely in America, tomahawks and throwing axes have been used. They were a multipurpose tool that every great brave would use. In their early years, a tomahawk would have a stone on it, but this soon changed to steel blades. Nowadays, they are not used by everyone, but there are many who still enjoy using them. Mostly they are used for sport. They are fun to throw and there are competitions out there for anyone who can throw. The question is, are you better off using a tomahawk or a throwing axe? Read our review to find the best tactical tomahawk vs throwing axe to find out which is going to be most enjoyable for you to use.

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What is the Difference Between Tomahawk & Throwing Axe?

Aged TomahawkOne of the main differences between a tactical throwing tomahawk and a traditional throwing axe is the weight. A tomahawk will weigh one or two pounds. The throwing axe is going to weigh more. Many tomahawks are around 15 to 16 inches. A throwing axe will measure out to be 15-20 inches depending on the heads size. Both can be used to hit targets or hunt. Both are great in situations where you have to defend yourself. The axe is sharper though and because it is an axe, it can also be used to chop trees or do any number of other tasks.

Why Use a Tactical Tomahawk?

The modern tomahawk is designed mostly for fun. It takes a lot of skill to throw them at a target and have them stick where you want. Not only are you trying to throw them a certain distance, you are also trying to throw them so that they rotate the right way and stick into the target. Many people use them for hunting and camping as well. They can take down small trees and bust up cinderblocks. They are also useful if you need to fight off a wild animal. In short, they are still multipurpose tools that you can use for a lot of different situations.

How Is Throwing an Axe Different from Throwing Knives?

How To Throw An AxeWhen it comes to the easier things to throw, a knife wins hands down. Though it does still take some effort to learn how to throw them. They are lighter than an axe, smaller than an axe, and according to most people easier. The throwing axe requires you to learn the proper technique. Many people can throw a knife and make it stick. It has two sharp sides. The axe will have one edge and a solid butt. Throwing an axe requires more skill. The end result, however, is that the axe will do a lot more damage to the target. You will also throw it differently. When you throw an axe, you will start out by lining it up with your target and then putting it behind your head to throw it forward. The tomahawk will be about the same. A knife does not require this much effort.

To give you more of an idea on what to look for when you are looking for the best tactical tomahawk for sale, you should take a look at the ones below. They are popular choices according to most people who already own and love using them.

SOG Throwing Hawks

SOG Hawk Throwing TomahawkWith one purchase, you will get three hard cased black stainless steel axes with a paracord wrapped handles. They come with a nylon sheath and can be used for throwing or as general purpose axes. Overall, it has a 4.3 rating by people who feel it is the best throwing axe available. Current Throwing Hawks Pricing Here⇒

Competition Throwing Hawk

Competition Throwing AxeThis 19” throwing axe is hand forged from carbon steel. It is guaranteed to be free of defects. It has a 4-inch blade and weighs only 1.6 pounds. There are no screws in the handle or the blade area and it is NMLRA approved. Spare handles and sheaths are available. Current Competition Throwing Axe Pricing⇒


United Cutlery Kit Rae Black Jet Throwing Axe

United Cutlery Throwing AxeThis throwing axe measures 14-7/8 inches long. It has a 4-5/8-inch blade. The whole axe is made with tempered 420J2 stainless steel and it is a solid one-piece design that will not break. This makes it one of the best throwing tomahawks according to some and it is certainly one of the prettiest available according to most owners. Current United Cutlery Pricing⇒


Cold Steel Trail Hawk

Cold Steel AxeThis throwing axe has an American Hickory handle. It measures in at 22-inches total length. The blade is drop forged 1055 carbon steel. The primary edge measures 2-1/4 inches. Overall, this impressive axe has a rating of 4.1 stars after more than 500 owner reviews. Cold Steel Axe Pricing Here⇒

SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini

SOG Throwing AxeIf you like the idea of a satin polished axe head with a GRN handle, you will love this SOG axe. The handle is glass reinforced to give you total control over the 2.75” steel blade. It is a throwing axe that weighs in at 23.1 ounces and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Current Voodoo Hawk Mini Discount Here⇒