Leatherman Bit Kit & Drivers

Most people feel that the more tools they can carry, the more prepared they are to handle whatever may come their way. The goal of a Leatherman is to provide almost everything you could possibly want and more. That is why you can purchase a Leatherman bit kit and drivers. It is designed to give you more than other handy tools.

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Which Leatherman’s Use Bit Kits?

There are several Leatherman’s that are able to use a Leatherman bit kit. There is a Leatherman Wave bit kit and you can also get them for a Molle, Charge, and Surge. This means that a lot of the most popular multi-tools by Leatherman are able to be used as bit driver. With that, you can also use a bit extender for harder to reach areas that you may be working on.

Why Use a Bit Kit or Drivers for Leatherman?

With a Leatherman bit set, you have the right tip, regardless of what job you are using. If that piece of furniture you are putting together needs a square-shaped screwdriver, you have it. If the wire nut you are tightening needs a tiny Phillips, you have it. A bit driver kit can have an assortment of tips for you to choose from and they are all interchangeable.

Will a Bit Kit Do What You Want It to Do?

Leatherman Bit Kit With Light & ExtenderAnyone who enjoys tinkering around the house, working on vehicles, or doing any number of other things can make use of a bit kit, especially if you have various size screws or a few oddly shaped screw heads to deal with. To make it even more useful, you can also get a Leatherman Wave bit kit & light combo. If you are curious about what may be available for your Leatherman, why not have a look at some of the most popular bit kits? With them, you may find the bit kit that makes your Leatherman that much more usable.


Leatherman 931014 40 Bit Assortment

Leatherman Bit Kit Assortment KitThis set of Leatherman skeletal bits gives you 21 bits that are double ended. It offers a variety of sizes and works perfectly with a Leatherman Charge and the Wave multi-tool. The bit holder is plastic and each bit fits into its own area. The bits are zinc coated steel. It comes with a 25-year limited warranty. More On Bit Assortment⇒

Leatherman 931009 Bit Driver Extension

Leatherman Extender

When you need a little more reach, this Leatherman bit extender gives it to you. It extends any bit’s reach up to 3.25 inches. It is usable with all of the standard sized Leatherman bits or hex bits. It is made in the USA and comes with the standard 25-year limited warranty. More On Bit Extender⇒

Leatherman Universal 42 Piece Bit Kit and Extension

Leatherman Bit Assortment & Bit ExtenderThis set of Leatherman replacement bits includes everything you need, including a carrying case that has a Velcro closure and attaches to your belt for easy reach. Each of the 20 bits is double sided to help you finish up every project you are working on regardless of what size screw you are dealing with or what odd shape it may be. More On 42 Bit & Extender⇒