Leatherman Fuse Multi-Tool Review

Multi-tools are designed to give you the basic tools and minimal weight. One of the best examples of a great multi-tool according to many people is the Fuse. So, if you are in the market for a new tool, why not take a look through our full Leatherman Fuse multi-tool review?

Features of the Leatherman Fuse Multi-Tool

Leatherman Fuse Multi-ToolThe Fuse is created using stainless steel. It has a locking system on its blades that is 50% stronger than other multi-tools and allows you to take out only one tool at a time, the one you need. It comes with its own leather sheath and includes the most commonly needed tools. With it, you get a pair of needle nose pliers, wire cutter, knife, screwdrivers, bottle opener, and scissors. It also includes a small file. You simply flip it open when you are ready to use it. It is small enough to carry comfortably as well, which is why many prefer the Leatherman Fuse black sheath-style over other multi-tools. It weighs only 9.1 ounces and measures out to be 5.8 x 3.2 x 2.1 inches.

How It Compares to Other Leatherman Tools

One definite bonus is the Leatherman Fuse price. It is much cheaper than other types of multi-tools from Leatherman. However, it offers basically the same style and a lot of the same tools that the Leatherman Charge and the Leatherman Wave have available. However, there are more tools included in the other two, but many find they will not be used very often. For instance, the Wave features a serrated knife, a couple files, and a small bit driver among the other tools. The best thing about the Charge is that it includes Hex tools as well as the basic tools, which is desirable in some situations, but it comes at three times the price of the Fuse.

Why People Love the Fuse Leatherman

Leatherman Fuse SheathBeyond the price of the Fuse, there are many reasons why people love this little tool. As you look through reviews for it from current owners you will see that they love the fact that tools lock into place on it. They all say that it is very durable and has come in handy on many occasions for them and or the people they know who also love their Fuse by Leatherman. The only downside that some people have with it is the fact that it does not have spring loaded pliers. This does make the pliers a little harder to use than the Charge or the Wave, but overall, it seems to be a general consensus that for the price, you cannot beat the Leatherman Fuse. More On Leatherman Fuse⇒