The Best Every Day Carry EDC Flashlight

In order to understand the necessity of an EDC Flashlight, you have to first understand the standard flashlight. These lights are often kind of bulky to carry. They may use larger style batteries. They may have larger bulbs in them that if you drop them, will blow. These are the traditional type of flashlight that most everyone has in their home, workshop, or other places.

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Tactical flashlights are also a term that you may come across when you are searching for a new flashlight. They are effective and portable. They are often military grade flashlights that can handle pretty much anything. Often they have push button switches for easy one-handed use. They have better bulbs, either LED, Halogen, or other types. There are a variety of battery types for them as well. In many cases, the EDC flashlight and the tactical flashlights can be considered the same thing.

What is an Every Day Carry Flashlight?

An Every Day Carry Flashlight is also known as an EDC flashlight. It is a light that is designed to be small enough to carry with you wherever life may take you. Women are carrying them in their purse, men carry them in their pocket, and kids could even carry them in their backpacks if they were worried about getting home late from practice after school or getting on the bus during the early morning hours.

If you are wondering what makes a good EDC flashlight, though, you will discover that there are a lot of different factors that may play into making a good choice. What you need will depend on your personal preferences, but this is not all that you should consider.

Choosing the Best EDC Flashlight

Some of the Every Day Carry flashlights on the market use AA or AAA batteries and others will use lithium-ion batteries or have rechargeable cells. Some people choose a light based on this aspect, while others do not have a personal preference regarding the type of battery it uses. This is where you will need to decide what feels right to you.

You may also notice that there are various amounts of Lumens for you to choose from. This is the amount of light that it will put out. Most people seem to feel that as long as there are 100 Lumens, it is going to be a decent flashlight. However, they can go up to 400 Lumens plus. For some people, this is more light than they will ever need.

You will also want to discover whether the battery life is long lasting, what beam and tint quality the flashlight has, how easy it is to deal with, and its’ CRI. The CRI is what makes it keep true to natural colors which some people feel is a necessary thing. Some EDCs are tail-standing models that can stand on end. You may also find flashlights that are nearly impossible to damage because they are drop proof and waterproof. What you need here depends on what you plan to do with your flashlight.

Maybe the easiest way for you to gain an understanding of what an EDC flashlight does is to see how it compares to other types of flashlights. To help you further understand what is available to you, here are a few of the flashlights that others consider to be the best EDC flashlights available.

Mini CREE LED Flashlight Torch

This mini flashlight has an adjustable focus zoom light lamp which means you can focus the area of light toward only what you need to see. It is waterproof, skid-proof, and still manages to have a light that is bright and a blinding 300 Lumens. It typically uses a single AA battery to work. It weighs only 0.3 ounces when shipped and it is 3.7 inches long. There are different colors to choose from as well as other types of lighting options. Read More Here⇒ 

ThruNite Mini Key Chain LED Flashlight

flashlight ti3 edcThis flashlight is powered by 1 AAA battery and a Cree XP-G2 R5 LED light that has a very long lasting lifespan. It may be usable for as many as 20+ years without you having to worry about bulb replacement. It has different lighting options that include firefly, low, high, and strobe. It is only 2.8 inches long and 0.3 ounces when shipped. It is designed to work on your key ring, and therefore it is tiny. Read More Here⇒

Ultrafire 878

hand holding flashlightThis tiny LED flashlight packs a powerful punch with its 5 modes and cool white lighting. It is made of aluminum alloy for durability and has a glass convex lens to spread out a maximum of 900 Lumens. You have to provide your own battery, a single AAA battery works well enough, and with that single battery, you can expect between 1 and 2 hours of constant use. This is one of the heavier types of EDC flashlights and may not make the best pocket flashlight because it weighs 4.8 ounces and measures 6.3 x 2 x 1.9 inches. Read More⇒

Streamlight Nano Light Mini Keychain LED Flashlight

streamlight nano mini keychain flashlightWhen you are looking for EDC flashlights, this could be the best one according to some. It has a 5mm white LED light that will not be damaged if you drop it. This bulb can last up to 100,000 hours. Its total length is 1.47 inches and it is made of aircraft aluminum. You can choose black or other colors. Despite its small size, most current users say that it is one of the brightest EDC flashlights that they have found. They love that they can carry it without worry on their keychain, backpacks, purses, and more. This is one of the Best Sellers in EDC Flashlights.