What’s the Best Multi-Tool?

You’re the Mr. Fix-it of the family, or maybe you just someone who’s always tinkering with things. Or maybe you’re like my dad and swear all you do is walk around your house fixing things. You find yourself constantly running to the tool-box. Rather than running back and forth to that tool-box in the garage, or worse yet, being out in the field with no tools at all, you’re probably looking for an all-in-on solution. The type of person in need of a multi-tool is usually the same type of person who wants to find the best bang for their buck. We’ve put together an all-inclusive guide to help you make the right choice in buying the top multi-tool for your needs.

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Ultimate Multi Tool Comparison Guide

Leatherman New Wave
4.7$1725 YearsReview
Charge TTi4.6$$$1925 YearsReview
Leatherman Surge
4.6$$2125 YearsReview
Leatherman OHT
4.5$$1625 YearsReview
SOG PowerAssist
Leatherman MUT
4.6$$$$1625 YearsReview
SwissTool RS
Leatherman Charge ALX
4.9$$$1825 YearsReview
Leatherman Crunch
Crunch Multi-Tools - leatherman crunch multi90030
5.0$$1525 YearsReview
Gerber DET 600
Gerber DET Multi Tool Review
Leatherman Super Tool
4.8$$1925 YearsReview
Gerber Black Diesel
Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel
Leatherman Skeletool
Leatherman Skeletool CX Review
4.5$725 YearsReview
Victorinox SwissTool
Leatherman Wingman
4.6$1425 YearsReview
Leatherman Rebar

4.8$1725 YearsReview
Gerber Crucial F.A.S.T.

Multi-Tool Purchasing Factors

Multi-Tools come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and tool layouts. Picking the right multi-tool for you comes down to what you do most. Are you in the electrical field, fishing guide, AC mechanic, etc. These are hugely important factors to consider when choosing the top multi-tool. For myself, I am fishing as much as possible, so a stainless-steel construction is of the utmost importance. Also, I am always using my Leatherman Super Tool on the water, so having a sheath which is easy to access while I have a fish to de-hook is another critical decision.

These are the top factors to consider when purchasing your next multitool.

  • Warranty

    Yes, you’ll see a ton of Leatherman products in our list of Greatest Multi-Tools, and this is for good reason. The warranty offered by Leatherman is amongst the top. I can vouch for the Leatherman product myself, as I snapped the blade (while fishing, of course) on my Leatherman Supertool after having owned it for over 15 years. I contacted Leatherman, sent it back, and sure enough they sent me a brand new Supertool. This may not be the case every time, but considering a warranty is our top priority. After all when spending close to $100 on a tool, you want to make sure it will last. Check out a more in depth explanation of the Leatherman Warranty

  • Price

    Lets face it, you get what you pay for. For the most part that is. There are plenty of $20-40 multi-tools available especially mini multi tools, but give them a solid month of use and they will either be broken or completely rusted shut. Not like we speak from experience…..

  • Functionality

    Most multi-tools these days come equipped with the standard pliers, knife, file, etc. However, each multi-tool will be slightly different in that extra tool they offer which may be of value to you. For example the Gerber DET comes equipped with a blasting cap crimper and the AR 15 Multi Tools are designed specifically for maintenance on a AR 15 gun. Those in the military/tactical field may value this more so than the electricians who values a multi-strand wire stripper that the Leatherman MUT offers. Needless to say, these unique tools for unique users is what sets many of these multi-tools apart from each other.

Reviews of the Top 5 Rated Multi-Tools

1. Leatherman Charge TTi

Leatherman Charge TTi 830684 Review

The Leatherman Charge TTi is simply the all around finest multi-tool. Packing 19 different tools, of which are locking, it offers enough to get almost any job done. As mentioned, all of the tools onboard the Charge TTi are locking, which is a hugely important feature to anyone who has had a blade fold back on their knuckles. The titanium construction of the Charge TTi helps to cut down on carrying weight, although this tool is still very much considered a full-size multi-tool, tipping the scales at 8.02 oz.  A 420HC Stainless Steel blade that is part of all the outside accessible tools add to the ease of use. Yes, thats right, all tools are accessible from the outside, preventing multiple steps to access a tool.

One tool that stands out to us, is the tiny eyeglass screwdriver. Finally, you can stop tearing every drawer in your house/toolbox apart looking for that one ultra-small screwdriver. More and more products are utilizing those micro-sized screws, so this is a blessing in an already amazing package. This is something that the Wave does not have and many people like to compare the Leatherman Wave vs. Charge. In addition to all tools (aside from the pliers) onboard the Charge TTi being outside accessible, they are one-hand operable. We all have been in those tight situations where only one hand is free, making this feature another huge selling point. Full Report Here⇒

Suited For: All around use, Outdoor use, Home/Maintenance Repair

Pros: Durability, Ease of use, Relatively compact.

Cons: Could use stiffer file, scissors do not cut as smoothly as we would like, can opener can stick

Leatherman User Guide

Video Explanation:


2. Leatherman 850022 MUT

Leatherman 850022 MUT-Black/Molle Review First and foremost, we have to say this Leatherman MUT  just looks like a beast! The black oxide coating is a nice touch to set an already different multi-tool apart from the competition. The MUT comes well equipped for the tactical/military and practical users alike. The replaceable bronze scrapper used for removing carbon buildup on a bolt tail/carrier of a firearm, proves we weren’t kidding when we said its perfect for the tactical/military user. The added textured hammer is a tool not widely seen in other multi-tools, but a nice feature when in the field and needing to pound in a stake, nails, or simply flattening something.

Coupling the tactical with practical use, the MUT comes equipped with wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, AND stranded wire cutters. The wire cutters combined with wire crimpers make this multi-tool a dream come true for the electrical field personnel. Many complain with a dulling blade/cutting hook, and Leatherman addressed that issue by adding a replaceable cutting hook on the MUT. Last but certainly not least, adding to the tactical feel of the MUT, is the carabiner/bottle opener feature. The carabiner is a nice addition allowing for ease of stowing to a belt loop or the ability to pop the top on your favorite non-twist-top craft beer.

Full Report Here⇒

Suited For: Tactical/Militart, Electrical, The everyday badass

Pros: Strength, Versatility, Looks beastly

Cons: Weight, Cost

In keeping with the tactical approach, the MUT Breakdown:

3. Gerber 600 DET 

Gerber 07400 DET Multi-Plier 600 ReviewIf you thought the Leatherman MUT was for the tactical, the Gerber 600 DET takes tactical to a whole new level. The DET was developed alongside with the military and is approved by the US Army to be used by Explosive Ordinance Disposal EOD unit. Considering that this is used in the EOD field, its no surprise that the DET comes equipped with a C4 punch as well as a blasting cap crimper and universal coupler. The black oxide finish is reflective resistant helping to keep you camouflaged while using your multi-tool in the field. The one-handed plier opening feature makes using the DET more practical in the tightest of situations, much like the Leatherman OHT -one handed tool. One flick of the wrist and those plier are coming flying out for use.

The RemGrit saw onboard the DET is no joke. The blade was developed to cut through ballistic cord as well as cable. Military personnel are steadily commending the usability of the DET, but that shouldn’t deter the everyday user. This multi-tool is capable of every day task just as well, and the rugged design ensures long lasting quality use. The lifetime warrant doesn’t detract from the DET either….Full Report Here⇒

Suited For: Without a doubt military/tactical

Pros: Strength, Versatility in a tactical setting, Lifetime Warranty

Cons: Weight (9oz), Cost, Lacks more “everyday” tools

Video analysis from a tactical standpoint:

Gerber Lifetime Warranty Info 


4. Leatherman Super Tool 300

Leatherman 831103 Super ToolOk, I could be a bit biased with this review, as the Leatherman Super Tool was the first multi-tool that I owned. Then again, I may not be so biased after all as this is one of the few multi-tools on the market with near perfect reviews. Originally, I purchased the first generation, which has since gone through a number of upgrades. With 19 tools onboard, this is a great all around device. Personally, I have used this from simple around the house tasks to out in the middle of the woods working on my dirt bike. The Super Tool offers almost every tool you’ll need to get you by until you can get to some more serious tools, if you need any for that matter…

The Super Tool is now offered in Stainless or Black, but for some reason I just cannot tear myself away from that original stainless Leatherman look.  The 420HC stainless steel knife and serrated knife ensure longevity. Also an interesting new feature that I like is the replaceable wire cutters. Over time wire cutters dull, and are difficult to even attempt to sharpen, so having the ability to replace these is an added bonus. It took me over 15 years of hard abuse before I could snap the blade on my Super Tool, but not to fret, as Leatherman sent me a brand new one! Full Review Here⇒

Suited For: All around use

Pros: Prices reasonably, Excellent all around use

Cons: No outside accessible, Doesn’t look as nice as some of the “fancier” models, Lack more specific tools.

Leatherman Super Tool vs. Surge video review:


5. Leatherman Crunch

Review Crunch Multi-Tools - leatherman crunch multi90030

The Leatherman Crunch is another specialty use multi-tool. Almost all multi-tools now come with pliers, but Leatherman stepped it up a notched by adding the locking pliers, or vice grip. Thus, this Leatherman is in a class of its own. The vice grip is adjustable as you would expect on any set of vice grips. Also, built within the vice grip hinge is a wire stripper that comes in handy when doing any electrical work. Normally, when a specialty device is made with a standout feature, in this case, the vice grips some others tools are scarified. This is definitely not the case with the Crunch, in addition to the locking pliers is 14 other tools, making this great for all around work.

If the crunch had one limiting factor it would be that the locking pliers prevent having onboard needle nose pliers, which are a must for some people. However, needing to remove a stripped screw with locking pliers may be of importance to someone as well, so it is very much a tradeoff when it comes to needle nose vs locking pliers. Surprisingly, the locking pliers fold up nicely to reveal the same closed Leatherman tool you would. All in all it comes down to the need of locking pliers regularly, if so, this is your tool. Full Review Here⇒

Suited For: Someone who regularly uses pliers, electricians, plumbers etc.

Pros: Locking pliers, Folds up like standard Leatherman

Cons: Lacks needlenose, lacks scissors

Crunch Video Inspection: