Best Tactical Folding Knife Reviews

The best tactical folding knife (TFL) is one that has good steel, strength, speed, and tightness. While the features of tactical folding knives vary accordingly, the best ones are highly functional for military use.

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Features of the Best Tactical Folding Knife?

Equipped with military or martial features, a tactical folding knife also referred to as a fighting knife, is used in extreme situations. A TFK is definitely not a utility multi-tool. This theory is supported by a number of martial arts and military experts that state that the whole idea of having to “unfold” a knife makes it less beneficial in a fight than a fixed-blade combat knife. However, that is not to say, that the TFK lacks significant usefulness.

While tactical folding knives are not designed as weapons, many military organizations have issued them as to members of parachute troops and flight crews because they have tactical features that are appealing. However tactical folding knives are hardly ever designed just as fighting or combat knives, moreover they are in a way unique pocket knives. That’s not to say you can’t use it if you ever feel threatened. The bottom line is tactical folding knives are created for versatility.

How is a Tactical Folding Knife Used?

TFKs are typically used by civilians and military members as a general utility knife. Besides such tasks as cutting rope, tactical folding knives are also used cutting straps, harnesses, and rigging. For example, if you are planning a hunting or camping trip, you might want to consider purchasing a tactical folding knife.

For everyday people, TFLs are not only good as a utility knife but for protection because they are concealable and easy to carry in your pocket or purse. Most tactical folding knives are easy-to-use and can be operated with one hand. Below is information on four of the best tactical folding knives on the market.

Tactical Knife Reviews 

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife with G-10 Handle

One of the many best features of the Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife with G-10 Handle is the G-10 handle itself. Made with G-10 laminated scales, it is ergonomically designed to prevent slipping, a feature that is imperative for tactical folding knives.

tactical folding knife recon cold steel

Another great feature of the Cold Steel Recon 1, which Cold Steel is famous for, is the high-quality, superior knife blade. It is black-coated so that it is rustproof, eradicates glares from light, and allows you to cut deeper and longer through tough material with little to no effort. In addition, there is a thumb disc and a pocket clip for easy opening and portability. Furthermore, the Recon 1 Tactical Knife with G-10 Handle is equipped with Cold Steel’s innovative Tri-Ad lock that reduces lock failure. Cold Steel Recon Owner Reviews Here⇒

Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST Response Serrated Folding Knife

Zero Tolerance Tactical Folding KnifeLike the Cold Steel’s Recon 1, the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST Response Serrated Folding Knife comes with G-10 handle for maximum grip performance.  Another feature the two have in common is an ambidextrous thumb disc for one-hand easy opening and closing. Moreover, they both come with a pocket clip, but the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST also has an opening in the handle for a lanyard.

The blade of the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST is constructed with an advanced curve, a partially serrated design that will serve its purpose in providing enough force for cutting in tough situations. It gives maximum performance for any job.

The one difference that stands out between the Cold Steel Recon 1 and the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST is the price. The Cold Steel Recon 1 runs about an average price for a tactical folding knife. However, the Zero Tolerance is more than half the price of the Cold Steel Recon 1. Although, this can sometimes be found on discount. Read More Here⇒

SOG AE-04 Aegis Folding Knife

SOG Tactical Folding KnifeSimilar to the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST, the SOG AE-04-CP Aegis comes with a blade that is partially serrated for superior performance for all of your difficult cutting tasks. In addition, the tanto-shaped stainless steel blade of the AE-04 Aegis Folding Knife is coated with a TiNi finish for increased strength for piercing and cutting, as well as edge retention, which means the blade stays sharp longer.

Famous for constructing knives with superior opening and locking technology, the SOG AE-04 Aegis doesn’t disappoint.  It features one hand opening for quick, easy usage, and a Piston lock that locks the blade in place once the knife is in the open position.

The contoured and well-designed checkered Digi Grip handle lets the knife stay secure and allows you to have a firm group on it when you are holding it. In addition, the handle is constructed with glass-reinforced Zytel, a material that though is lightweight, it is strong and damage resistant.

Like the Cold Steel Recon 1 and the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST, the SOG AE-04 Aegis comes with a pocket clip so you can inconspicuously carry it in your pocket or purse. However, the one trait that is unique to the SOG AE-04 is that the signature bayonet clip is reversible, meaning that you can carry it on either side of the knife.

For all of its features, some that are very similar to the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST, the SOG AE-04 Aegis is averagely priced, right in the same ballpark as the Cold Steel Recon 1. It is not as expensive as the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST. Read More Here⇒

Benchmade 275BK Adamas Folding Knife 

Comparable to the other three folding knives, the Benchmade 275BK Adamas Folding Knife is equipped with an ambidextrous thumb-stud opener that allows for simple opening with either the left or right hand. Also, like the others, it has a locking mechanism that makes the blade stay put when opened.

There are some features that the Benchmade 275BK Adamas and the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST have in common. One, they both possess the G-10 handle, to not only assist you with getting a firm grip, but the handle comes with a lanyard opening. Moreover, the Benchmade 275BK Adamas and the Zero Tolerance ZT0200ST both possess the capability for you to carry it with the tip-up or tip-down.Benchmade Tactical Folding KnifeOne of the most obvious differences that the Benchmade 275BK has from the other three folding knives is that it is the most expensive, which means that it costs up to three times more than the Cold Steel Recon 1 and the SOG AE-04 Aegis. It is also important to point out that it doesn’t come with as many features as the other three for the price you will have to pay for it. However, some people just prefer that Benchmade name and understand that quality that comes with it. If you want to get what you pay for, check out the current discount on the Benchmade Tactical Folding Knife ⇒

The best tactical folding knife for you is based on what you are looking for. Regardless of what your needs are a TFK exist. Check out some more reviews of tactical folding knives below.