AR 15 Multi Tool Review

Long-range guns, or rifles, are one of the toughest guns to maintain. Many gun enthusiasts consider rifles as works of art; and they’re right in every sense. Rifles are complex machines, and to create them, a decent amount of skill, thought, and balance is required. Designing a rifle is no easy task, let alone building one.

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Ultimate AR 15 Multi Tool Comparison Table

Tapco Wrench
Real Avid Pro
Real Avid AR 15





Cost: $$
Cost: $
Cost: $$$
Cost: $$$$
Compatibility: M4, M16, AR Variant
Compatibility: M4, AR Variant
Compatibility: AR Variant & More
Compatibility: AR Variant & More
Additional Bits: No
Additional Bits: No
Additional Bits: Yes
Additional Bits: Yes
Rating: 4.6
Rating: 4.6
Rating: 4.3
Rating: 4.4

If there’s one thing that’s almost as hard as designing and building a rifle, it’s maintaining one. Maintenance of long-range guns is complicated. But if you want to ensure that you rifle stays in tip-top shape, it is imperative that you know how to maintain it. Traditionally, gun maintenance requires plenty of tools, which include hammers, wrenches, nuts, and pins, among others. So you can probably imagine how heavy and bulky a traditional gun maintenance tool kit can be.


AR 15 Multi Tool

Thankfully, though, there are now more handy tools available for gun maintenance. Thanks to technology and ingenuity, there are now multi-tools for gun maintenance. So what’s a multi-tool? A multi-tool is a clever gadget that features a myriad of functions, all packed in one contraption. Multi-tools can help a lot, especially when you’re on the go, because unlike traditional tools, they’re lightweight and can be used as EDC knives (Every Day Cary).

Most multi-tools are made of sturdy materials, like 420HC stainless steel and carbon fiber, and are coated in reinforcing material, such as black oxide and Tungsten DLC. This is primarily due to the fact that they are meant to be ready for use during rough situations. Multi-tools are expected to withstand wear and tear, which includes water, heat, and impact pressures.

The market today has many types of multi-tools for gun maintenance. In this review, we will take a look at four different, but equally useful, AR 15 multi-tools for the specific maintenance of ARs: The NcStar AR15 Combo Armorer’s Wrench Tool; the Tapco Intrafuse AR Armorer’s Tool; the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro – AR15, and the Real Avid AR15 Tool.

Top Five AR 15 Multi Tools

First, let’s take a look at each one of these multi-tools individually.

NcStar AR15 Combo Armorer’s Wrench Tool

The NcStar AR15 Combo is basically a multi-purpose armorer wrench that is compatible with multiple rifles, including the M4, the M16, and the AR Variant Rifle. This apparatus functions mostly as a multi-purpose rifle wrench. Read Owner Reviews⇒

AR 15 Multi Tool NC Star

Tapco Intrafuse AR Armorer’s Tool

The Tapco Intrafuse AR Armorer’s Tool is an all-around AR multi-tool that functions as spanner wrench, a forearm wrench, a hammer, a barrel nut, and flat-tip screw, as well as a muzzle device. This multi-tool is made of heat-treated alloy steel. Read Owner Reviews⇒


Real Avid Gun Tool Pro – AR15

The Real Avid Gun Tool Pro, on the other hand, is a more complex multi-tool, which includes firearm-specific driver/bits for Phillips, Allen, and Torx, a 1/4-inch bit driver and wrench, and a 2.5-inch Raptor Claw Point knife blade. This multi-tool also includes a Ballistic Nylon Sheath. Read Owner Reviews⇒


Real Avid AR15 Tool

Similar to the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro, the Real Avid AR15 Tool is also a complex multi-tool. Its features include combination needle-nose pliers, multi-function bolt/firing/cam pin and carrier scrapers, a tap hammer, and a metal file. Similar to the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro, this multi-tool also features a 1/4-inch bit driver and a Serrated Tanto Knife Blade. Read Owner Reviews⇒

Real Avid Pro AR 15 Multi Tool

Tactical Weapon Tool Comparison

These four multi-tools do have similar functions. However, they also have features that are unique to them. In a nutshell, though, the first two and last two multi-tools are the most comparable.

As mentioned above, the first two multi-tools, the NcStar AR15 Combo, and the Tapco Intrafuse AR Armorer’s Tool, are multi-function wrenches. However, between the two, the Tapco Intrafuse AR Armorer’s Tool gains more plus points, as it has more functionality. Aside from being a multi-purpose wrench, it also functions as a flat-tip screwdriver, a hammer, a barrel nut, and a muzzle device.

Another advantage the Tapco Intrafuse AR Armorer’s Tool has over the NcStar AR15 Combo is its lifetime warranty, as provided by the manufacturer. It is also worth noting that users of the NcStar AR15 Combo have complained that the workmanship and quality of this multi-tool is quite poor, and that it is prone to breakage.

The one advantage the NcStar AR15 Combo has over the Tapco Intrafuse AR Armorer’s Tool is the fact that it is much cheaper than its more functional counterpart. The latter costs almost two times more than the former.

Now, let’s compare the last two multi-tools: The Real Avid Gun Tool Pro and the Real Avid AR15 Tool. Both manufactured by Real Avid, a big name in gun maintenance, the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro and the Real Avid AR15 Tool are both high-performing multi-tools.

Although both have earned the favour of many gun enthusiasts, the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro has a slight edge over the AR15 Tool. This is because Real Avid Gun Tool Pro packs more punch, with a total of 35 tool functions.

Another slight advantage of the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro is its weight. At 1.1 pounds, this device is lighter than the AR15 Tool, which weighs 1.4 pounds. This difference in weight is very important, especially if you intend to carry your multi-tool around with you, whether on the field, while on duty, or while hunting. Any gun aficionado will agree to this.

However, one advantage of the AR15 Tool is its possession of a 440 Serrated Tanto Knife. A number of gun and outdoor enthusiasts prefer this over a straight blade, as the serration of the knife makes cutting through rope and other tough surfaces easier.

Of course, when it comes to accessibility, both Real Avid multi-tools earn high grades. Both of them include A1 and A2 Front Sight Adjuster and sheaths for ease of accessibility: The Ballistic Nylon Sheath for the Gun Tool Pro; and the MOLLE Compatible Tactical Sheath for the AR15 Tool.

Although we didn’t include it in a “Specifically AR 15 Multi-Tool” many users have recommended the Leatherman MUT for anyone owning an AR 15.

Read the full Leatherman MUT Review Here⇒

Leatherman 850022 MUT-Black/Molle

Where To Get Your Tactical Tool

All four tools are mostly available at long-range gun shops. However, the best way to purchase them is by going online, as you can likely acquire them online at lower prices. If you’re a tactical person you may also be interested in a tactical pen or even a survival multi tool.

Several online stores do offer free shipping. Amazon, in particular, offers free shipping for any purchase over USD 35.00.

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