Best Bike Multi-Tool – Better Than A Bike Tool Bag

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When riding your bicycle through the trails or in the park, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a slipping chain or a bolt working itself loose. Therefore, many bicyclists, opt to carry certain tools along with them when they take off on their bikes. The problem is, carrying every tool that you could possibly need means screwdrivers, chain repair tools, and a few other things, not to mention most people want to carry along their knife. You could throw all of these items into your backpack on a long hike through the mountain trails, but do you really want to? Instead of adding weight, why not consider carrying along one of the best bike multi-tools available? They are certainly better than a big bike tool bag.

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Top Four Bike Multi-Tools

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

This single tool can provide 19 functions when used on a bicycle. It has two flathead screwdrivers and two Philips, four spoke wrench sizes, a tool flask, and even a universal chain tool. It is an ideal tool to have with you whether you are trail riding or simply cycling through the parks. There are seven hex wrenches, a Torx T-25 to repair brake issues, and two unique sizes of open wrenches. This handy tool is also very small considering all that it can help you with. It is only 6 inches long, so this is an ultra-portable option. You can choose whether you want gold or silver as well. Most users agree that it is an excellent tool. Out of the many who have purchased it, there are very few complaints with it, however, some people have had issues with the pins falling out. Read More Owner Reviews Here⇒

Topeak Mini Plus 18 Function Bicycle Tool

TopeakBikeMultiToolThis convenient little tool only weighs 0.41 lbs. The tools are made with hardened steel for durability and it has a forged aluminum body. It also comes with a neoprene bag. It has several different sized Hex keys, a Torx T-25, two bike wrenches, one flathead screwdriver and a Philips as well as a chain tool, an HG chain pin tool, bottle opener, tire lever, and more. This can be carried easily in a bag or on your belt loops. The chain tool is good for both single and multi-speed bikes. It is just an easy to use all in one bicycle multi-tool for any job. All users seem to agree that it is an excellent tool to have around. However, they do recommend you look elsewhere if you do not need a lot of hex keys or Allen wrenches. Owner Reviews Here⇒

Cruz Tools Outback’R H13 Tool Kit

CruzToolBikeToolIn this little handy tool for cyclists, you get three hex keys, two Torx keys, and Philips screwdrivers. A socket drier, twelve sockets, and a bike torque wrench, plus more. All of it fits into a tiny set that weighs only 9 ounces and a case that is 3.5 inches long. It is made of carbon steel and heat treated chrome vanadium. Perhaps this will make the best mountain bike multi-tool for you because of how versatile the tools are and the fact that it also has slotted screwdrivers for you to use. Is it any wonder that most people consider it the best bike tool available? With this toolkit, the sockets are a definite bonus, especially when combined with the overall usefulness of the other tools and its durability. Cruz Multi-Tool Details⇒

Topeak Hexus II Multi-ToolTop Peak Multifunction Tool

When you are looking for bike repair tools, Topeak is always a popular choice. This is the equivalent of Leatherman is to the top-rated multi-tool. With this kit, you will find a full sized CrMo chain tool head as well as two modular tire levers that snap into place on the sides of the body while still remaining lightweight and compact. It also has Allen and spoke wrenches, a chain hook, screwdrivers, a Torx bit, as well as other tools to make working on your bike a breeze. The only downside according to most users is that it does not have a convenient carry case for it so you must either carry it in your pocket or in your bag and the fact that it is made with a high strength plastic case, which some feel makes it lose torque. Read More Here⇒

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