Best Throwing Knives & Targets

There are a lot of differences between a classic knife, a multi-tool and a throwing knife, and, if you’re a beginner, having a few ideas about what makes such a product different and useful is really good. For starters, you’ll need to understand that a very sharp edge is not really that important for such a knife. Instead, balance, to ensure the knife keeps a steady trajectory in flight is much more important, as well as a specifically simple and sturdy design so it can withstand many (failed) attempts, hits and so on without warping. There is also a weight to size ratio, as well as a center of gravity, which needs to fall specifically to a certain area of the knife, calculated depending on the size of the knife as well, so, overall, there are lots of details to take into consideration.

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The type of metal itself is very important; you have to learn to spot the knives that only look like throwing knives, but aren’t because a throwing knife made out of a ductile or too rigid a material will either warp or just snap after a few throws. Also, in terms of a sheath, you also want to have a good quality sheath, if anything to ensure that it won’t get indented or cut, and also carrying these knives safely is definitely very important. So, we’ll be looking at a few throwing knife models, some cheap but great, some more expensive, so you can get a good idea of where to start, what sort of expectations to have depending on pricing and so on. We’ll start with a really cheap but alright model, that can be your pathway into taking knife throwing as a hobby.

The Best Throwing Knives

Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives Review

Best Throwing KnivesAll of the above recommendations are met by this set of three knives, plus an included sheath, currently offered at no more than $9. $3 for a throwing knife? Well, why not give it a try? This starter combo offers you really well-crafted knives, made out of a black steel. There is a loop on the handle, so you can even carry them attached to a rope, or for storage, although the nylon carry case does a good job of holding them just fine. As long as you don’t overexert it, it will be good for a long time. Now, in terms of balance, surely you can get better options out there, but these knives are not bad either. On one hand, they handle easily and fly straight, and they feel very easy to control, in spite of them being quite light. We really recommend this set to beginners, it’s got a lot more than you’d think for the price.




United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knife Set ReviewTomohawkThrowingKnife

Yet another very cheap set is the United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knife Set, which, apart from showing that a very cheap throwing knife doesn’t have to look boring, it’s also relatively well crafted. We’d still argue that the Ninja Stealth set is the better option, due to the handle that is not cut into, but, if you’re into a more modern look, the United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knife  Set will definitely do the job. Also, the knives fly well and do maintain their trajectory, don’t wobble, and they also come with a nylon sheath included.

United Cutlery GH2005 Gil Hibben Gen. 2 Review

Throwing KnivesMoving up a little, in terms of overall quality, the United Cutlery GH2005 does a great job at offering you a three-set piece for about $25 (offer at the moment of writing), and a knife that is small, powerful, very well balanced, with a very simple design that really looks non threatening. On the bottom, you get an indenture, if you want to carry the knives on a rope, though they also come with their own nylon sheath. Size-wise, they’re medium throwing knives, at a total of 7.1 one inches, which means that momentum when throwing is easier to control, as well as inclination, and the knife feels very solid. Check the current discount here


BladesUSA RC-1793B Throwing Knife Set

BladeUSAThrowingKnivesWhat does a more expensive set of blades get you for throwing knives? Well, for about $80 you mainly get better steel, which is far better in terms of keeping an edge, better at keeping from warping and also, better at distributing weight all across the blade. They feel more solid in the hand, and the design on this one allows them to fly straighter through the air. Looks wise, they’re in the current trend of black serrated cutlery, and also, come with a much more durable, better-crafted nylon sheath. What makes these blades stand out is the fact that they also have a cool logo on them. Also, one detail that might escape most users is that losing grip on these is harder to do as the serrated surface on the handle is better. Prefer a nicer set? Check pricing here

Whetstone Cutlery’s S-Force Kunai’s 12 Set Knives Review

The S-Force Kunai set showcases another type of entry-level – mid grade throwing knife, one where the individual knife is smaller, sort of like a dart-knife. These are better for indoor throwing, as outdoors their trajectory can be influenced by even small gusts of wind. The set is interesting design-wise, as the handle is covered with a textile (nylon cord) material, and so, in spite of their lack of weight, the knives won’t stick to your hand. The balance on those is not extraordinary, so you have to calculate your trajectory more closely, but for small distance throwing, these can be quite fun too.WhetstoneCuttlery

So, as you can see, getting into knife throwing doesn’t have to be very expensive. At their cheapest, you can find knives that are made out of relatively good steel, that will do the job they’re supposed to and will work well enough, while choosing to go for a $20 set will afford you a better overall set, which reduces the chances of sticking to your hand while throwing (and thus resulting in an off throw) and the material is also better overall, which lends these to a longer life and reduces the likelihood of warping.

Good Throwing Knives Accessories

Throwing Knife Target

Those that are interested in the best throwing knives are likely to be interested in a throwing knife target. Although, many use a piece of plywood, a tree, or some other sort of wooden target to catch the business end of their throwing knives, knife targets do exist. The problem is most of these targets are relatively cheap and often times fall apart quickly. Throwing Knife targets that are for sale usually look a lot like a modified version of a dart board. For those that are more experienced and will be throwing regularly, these targets will likely not suffice. A quick read through the reviews on Amazon will solidify this opinion.

Throwing Knife Target