List of The Best Type of Combat Knives

It is not always possible to carry around an armload of tools when hiking, so most people choose tools that are multipurpose. One such tool could easily be a combat knife. They are a true survivalist’s tool that can help in a variety of situations. That is why we have put together a list of the best type of combat knives for you to consider.

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What Is a Combat Knife?

Traditionally speaking, a combat knife is a knife that is designed for close hand to hand combat fighting by those who are in the military. They are tough and deadly if a person finds themselves in a situation where force is necessary. Now, though, they have also been recognized as a great tool to have on hand when hiking through the woods. They have the ability to cut through brush and limbs to help you get a clear path and they are useful when it comes to cleaning fish, cutting rope, or doing any number of other adventurous tasks.

Would You Benefit from a Combat Knife?

Though most people associate a combat knife for fighting as being the only purpose of having one, this is not always true. There are a lot of different styles of combat knives available. Thus, there are a variety of people who can benefit from them. Most survival knives or combat blades are fixed so that they are easy to pull out and use when you need it the most. You can also purchase a tactical multi-tool, which may have a good combat knife equipped on it.

To see what we prefer as far as the best combat knives, you should take a look at the blades below.

9” Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife w/Sheath

Navy Seal Combat KnifeWhen SEALs want the best military knife, they choose this 9” fixed blade knife, which offers 5” of 3.5mm stainless steel. It has a reverse saw back tanto blade and weighs in at only 8.8 ounces. It is a full tang black nylon fiber handle and features a lanyard hole. The sheath is nylon and easy to use. Current Pricing Navy Seals Knife⇒

MTech USA Xtreme

M Tech Survival Combat KnifeThis Xtreme blade is 11 inches overall. It has a Tanto blade and a G10 handle. It’s 440 stainless steel blade works well when camping or doing survival training. The handle grip enables you to hold it easily, regardless of how wet the conditions are. The blade is double sided with a reverse saw back. It measures 5 1/2 inches and has a 5.5mm thickness. Current Xtreme Pricing here⇒

Smith & Wesson H.R.T. Full Tang Spear Point

Smith & Wesson KnifeThis fixed blade knife features a PPE handle that is wrapped in black rubber. The handle also has a lanyard hole. The dual edged blade itself is high carbon stainless steel and it has a blood groove. The blade’s length is 4.75” and the handle length measures in at 4.25”. It weighs only 0.5 pounds. Current H.R.T. Pricing Here⇒

U.S. Marines Knife

US Marines Fighting KnifeThis knife is a licensed USMC Marines military knife. It weighs less than 4 ounces, and measures in at 5.5 inches overall when folded. It boasts the Marine seal and the blade is black steel with a double edge. This is a true example of what a tactical tanto knife should be. Currnet U.S. Marine’s knife Pricing Here⇒