CRKT Zilla Tool Multi Tool Review

The search for a perfect multi tool is not always an easy one. Most people only need a few tools to get the job done. The CRKT Zilla could be the most perfect tool for someone who simply wants to get the job done without having a lot of tools to look through.

The Columbia River Knife Tool is different from most multi tools. It weighs only 10.4 ounces, yet it has pliers, a knife, a screwdriver, wire cutters, and a bottle opener. Just a few handy tools for you to carry easily in your pocket or on your belt. It has a spring loaded set of pliers that is tapered down to give you a slight point. It also features blades on the cutter that crosses each other like scissors instead of pinching down. However, what truly makes the CRKT multi tool impressive is the knife blade.

It has a quick release that is activated by pressing a flipper. This flipper also works as a blade guard when the blade is opened up and in use. The serrated knife blade is 3 inches long. The screwdriver is a removable Phillips, but it does have flat head screw bits as well.

With it, you will get a convenient belt clip and sheath for easy carrying and easy access to your tool at all times. It is also priced at a very affordable price in comparison to other multi-tools. The entire set is black steel. The handle is large enough to feel firm in your hands. What more could you ask for when it comes to electrical work and minor repairs?Zilla Tool

What Do Users Say About the CRKT Zilla Multi Tool?

Both longtime fans of a CRKT tool and new Zilla tool buyers seem to have various opinions on it. Some people do feel that it is too heavy for no more tools than it has and perhaps too large at 9.1 x 3 x 1.5 inches. This is downfall for some, but most say it feels more secure in their hands by being slightly larger. If this sounds too large for you, you may want to consider the Zilla tool Jr instead.

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A lot of users also enjoy that you do not have to open the Zilla tool in order to use the pliers. The design of it leaves the pliers exposed and easily accessible with very minimal effort so that you do not have to take out your multi tool and then flip and turn it to get to the pliers. Plier handles are also easy to hang onto.

One person even states that the flipper on the knife blade works well, even for someone who is left handed. Some say the blade is very sharp and that the serrated aspect of it makes it even better. Some say it works best for an IT technician rather than the everyday handyman, but others feel it is excellent for anyone who wants a multi tool.

Of the few negative reviews, you will find a person who was not happy with the weight of it and they say the pliers are weak. The pliers may also pinch you if you are not careful. Another person states that it was defective and repeated returns later, he is still not satisfied. However, when you see the reviews and find more positive than negative, it is hard to say that the CRKT Zilla multi tool is unworthy of a second glance. Read More Reviews Here⇒