The Best Leatherman Multi-Tool- Our Top Five

If you are a fan of the Leatherman brand name in multi-tools, you are not alone. It is a favorite for many active hunters and campers. It is also a favorite for men who like DIY projects and being able to handle an emergency situation with the tool they carry in their pocket. The question most people want to know when it comes to purchasing a new Leatherman, is which one is the best one available now? To help you out, here are a few of the most popular picks in the Leatherman multi-tool line up.

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Why People Love Leatherman

Since 1983, Leatherman has been a company that was committed to making tools that people could actually put to use in a variety of situations and is virtually unbreakable. It was a company that was established and brought to life in Oregon, based on the tools that can make people’s life a little easier.The Best Leatherman

This has led to it being one the most popular names in multi-tools and they have reached the status of being one of the most comparable multi-tools on the market. A lot of companies make these tools, but most people seem to compare other products to the quality standards set by Leatherman. The comparisons take into consideration the warranty and the overall quality of the tools, even down to the springs that make scissors work effectively.

The Best Leatherman Multi-Tool

Choosing the best Leatherman should be about which one meets your specific needs the best. How much extra weight you want to carry, what tools you want, and how you want to carry it should be considered for your decision. You would not want to end up with a quality tool that you cannot use. Here are some of the most popular multi-tools based on their specific use to the average buyer based on their needs.

Best Small Leatherman Multi-tool: Beat Leatherman Squirt The Squirt ES4 is a popular choice for people who want convenient tools along with lightweight and small enough to comfortably fit into a pocket. It is only 2.5 inches long when closed and lightweight enough to be secured to your keychain, but it still has a knife, scissors, a screwdriver, a file, and a bottle opener on it as well as a few other tools that can come in handy. Read Our Detailed Mini Multi-Tool Review Here⇒


Best All-Round Multi-Tool for Camping: The Super Tool 300 is a popular choice for camping out. We tend to be biased towards this tool as well, as the Super Tool is most similar to the Original Leatherman. It comes with a sheath, several screwdrivers, a straight-edged knife, a serrated knife, needle nose and regular pliers, a sheep’s foot, wire cutters, a wire stripper, an electrical crimper, a file, a saw, a bottle opener, can opener, awl with thread loop, and more. You get all of this within a 10 x 7 x 3-inch bundle that weighs only 11.2 ounces. Read our Detailed Leatherman SuperTool 300 Review Here⇒

supertool 300 leatherman

Leatherman MUT 420HCBest Maintenance Tool: The Mut is probably the best tool available for quick repairs. It has a bolt override tool, replaceable bronze carbon scraper, replaceable cord cutting blade, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, replaceable wire cutters in various strengths, a combo knife saw hammer, firearm disassembly, cleaning brush adaptor and rod, bottle opener, bit driver, wrenches, and more. Overall weight is 15.7 ounces. Read Our Detailed MUT Review Here⇒




For DIY Projects: You may want to consider the Rebar Multi-tool. It has replaceable wire/hardwire cutters, electrical crimper, a knife, a serrated knife, file, saw, two flat screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver, an Awl with thread loop, a ruler, bottle opener, can opener, wire stripper, and a lanyard ring. Our Full Detailed Rebar Review Here.

Leatherman Rebar Review

Leatherman Wave MultiToolBest In Every Way: The tool that most seem to consider the best for all things, including survival and projects, is probably the Wave. It has a large variety of 17 different tools and it is small and compact for anyone who wants to carry it in their backpack or in their pocket. This handy little tool even has an eyeglass screwdriver in it. When folded, it is only 4 inches long with a weight of 8.5 ounces. The primary blade is 2.9 inches long. Long story short, in our opinion, this is the best bang for the buck when it comes to multi-tools. Detailed Leatherman Wave Review⇒

With so many people loving the Leatherman, asking which one is the best Leatherman tool can become a complicated answer pretty quick. Everyone has a preference when it comes to their most loved multi-tool. Which one will you choose to be your favorite?